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Foldable Portable Bed Tote - 3pcs Baby Diaper Bag

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Name: baby Bed Diaper Bag Fabric: waterproof polyester Lining: soft polyester Interlayer: silk cotton Description: a bed diaper bag with 3pcs set, including a mattress, a diaper bag, and a separate inner bag. The mattress with soft silk cotton interlayer and comfortable polyester fabric. Diaper bag is made of waterproof polyester, a large shoulder bag with a pair of hook belt that can hang on stroller. Separate inner bag with snap button handles, can hang on stroller also. One end with Velcro make inner bag with 2 compartments.

3pcs set = 1 bag + 1 inner bag + 1 mattress


1. Large capacity and each area separately reasonable, load items in orderly. 2 bags in 1

2. can hang on stroller

3. can be used as a portable bed

4. High quality and waterproof material

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Brand Story

famicare, a brand that wants to reduce the burden on the mother, care for families, care for baby. As a full-time mother, I deeply understand that it is not easy to be a mother: I need to take care of my children at home, and I have to go out for a living. I usually work very hard, and bringing children is trivial but very careful. Things, many details are sloppy, thinking about going to the end I decided to do something that can ease the burden, so Famicare came into being, the source is family + care, that is caring for the family, caring for the baby!

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